Market Bonnet

Market Bonnet


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The Market Bonnet is versatile and stylish, yet practical for everyday wear. Spanning the years from circa 1770 in the 18th Century well into the Regency period of the early 19th Century, it can be seen in illustrations and portraits of women of modest means to more ornate examples on the heads of women of more affluent families.

Easy to pack, easy to wear, and an easy accessory, the Market Bonnet is typically worn over a white linen, organdy, or silk cap. The cap serves as a barrier to keeping your dressed hair from soiling your bonnet. Market Bonnets are adjustable enough to accommodate more elaborate hairstyles as well!

Many examples are noted as being made of black fabric but rest assured there was color in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Flying Heart Millinery offers a variety of colors and several patterns. Not pictured: Black, Blue with Black Shot, Red, and Green with Blue Shot.